Amazing beauty comes in all ages and sizes!

Maya and her little sister Mila are the daughters of Ada, a lovely mom and business professional who leads a busy life taking care of her two girls and practicing law at her own law office in southern California.

This weekend they visited our studio and spent several hours indulging in hair and make-up (only Mom had her make-up done) and a portrait shoot. For their family we bent our normal 8-80 age range rule (okay, it is not really a rule!) because all it took was one look at these beautiful faces and I knew that I had to photograph these kids!

The little girls had their hair done first, then played in the studio as I took just a few photos at a time while mom was having her make-up done. I found that without the pressure of taking photos for mom, and by not overwhelming them with too many poses, they were much more inclined to be relaxed for the camera. 

Working with children certainly presents challenges, but the rewards of showing a family photos of their little ones that they will cherish for their entire lives is something very special.
Of course we didn't just stop with family photos, and so while the kids played outside the studio in our garden (supervised, of course!) Ada and I spent some time taking photos for her.

Thank you Ada, Maya and Mila for visiting our studio and spending the morning with us. We will see you again soon!



08/16/2012 2:55pm

They are adorable! What a beautiful family.


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